Biography 💾

The informations about me you need to know,
is the informations you should know.

I am Khanlar Aliyev, the son of Yashar Aliyev. 
I was born in Azerbaijan on October 23.
I studied  in Azerbaijan, Russia and Europe. Computer Programmer, Judge and Plumber.
I have finished my Military Service. (Reconnaissance-Reverse Reconnaissance Commando Soldier.) (3RCS Commando Team).
I founded “Operation Security Service” (O.S.S) in Azerbaijan and now I keep working on it.
I have studied and I have completed five ( 5 ) different schools in Azerbaijan.
I was 22 years old when I left Azerbaijan for my Work.
in my Spare Time - I write poetry, I ride my bike, I take pictures, interested in my Website, try to Learn different Languages ​​and do Computer Programming.
My job is a Founder, Judge, Risky Time Ambassador, IT specialist and Plumber.
I work as a plumber in plumbing and heating company ( H.M.S.H ).
I have different Nationalities, but my Official Citizenship is Azerbaijan.
Some information ℹ is Kept Confidential.

The information you know about me is the information I want you to know. and only for people who need it.